Wednesday, June 15, 2011


When starting a business you have to remember to celebrate the little things along the way so that you don't get bogged down in how much there still is to do.

Here are three things we are celebrating today:

1) Our trip to LA Market
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In LA we touched base again with some of our new favorite people like John from Raleigh Denim and Karri from Altitude Promotions and we were also introduced to some great new brands. Groceries Apparel, one of our faves, is an LA based and produced knitwear brand that uses organic, chemical free, and  renewably sourced textiles and makes some amazing clothes to boot.

2) Our Rainbow Logo in honor of San Francisco Pride

Pride in San Francisco is such an amazing event whether you identify as LGBTQIA or not. We are going to be there this year promoting our brand and gathering great stories from people in the community that show their true colors and are not afraid to tell the world who they are. If you are interested in getting one of our limited edition SF Pride 2011 tees with the rainbow logo drop us a line at

3) Our new website:

Our webpage is finally up and is the place to be to get updates on the latest and greatest show and tell news. We will be adding more elements to the site as we get closer to our grand opening and E-commerce will be coming soon.  Add it to your favorites to stay in the loop!

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