Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Brand Spotlight: Buckfeet- Artist Designed Footwear

We are excited to welcome BucketFeet Shoes to the Show & Tell family. Bucketfeet, much like Show & Tell, provides a platform for artist to connect with people and showcase their work in a new way. Every artist has a story, and so does every shoe. For our inaugural collection we have selected the designs of 3 very talented Bay Area artist: Aaron Firestein, Benny Diar, and Ben Giustino.

 Step into a more colorful world with BucketFeet!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

New Men's in Store! Featuring Threads For Thought & Alternative Apparel

New Fall Items from Threads for Thought

New fall items have arrived for men featuring two ethical clothing brands you should get to know better. First up is Threads for Thought, pictured above.

Threads for Thought was founded by husband and wife humanitarians Eric & Leigh Fleet. While in college they were avidly aware of the "meaningless loss of life" in Darfur, Afghanistan, Iraq and other countries. At the same time they were also concerned with the growing consumerism that disregarded the impact it was having on the planet. They wanted to make a difference and inspire others to become aware and eventually engaged with these issues. They felt clear that they could reach others through fashion. Their mission is simple, "to promote a sense of responsibility to those who share this world with us".

They don’t just broadcast this message on the front of t-shirts; they apply this philosophy to the entire brand. Their products are made of sustainable materials and are produced in the most sustainable ways possible. While making products from organic cotton, donating to charities and promoting a more sustainable way of living they have transformed from a small clothing business to a complete lifestyle brand. They want you to give back, be conscious of your effect on the environment and look cool while doing it.

Find out more about how to ‘Do Good’ at Threads for Throught

Our next featured brand is Alternative Apparel. Alternative Apparel is all about creating comfort inside and out. They produce pieces that are perfect for the casual, relaxed lifestyle. Their items are perfectly worn in and have a vintage-soft feel. They have one-of-a-kind washes along with hand-detailed designs; their clothing is perfect for any occasion. They are serious about their social responsibility and have strict guidelines for their vendors to follow. In 2007 they introduced their Alternative Earth sustainable line, featuring a collection of eco-friendly products manufactured with organic cotton, recycled polyester and man-made fibers derived from sustainable raw materials such as rayon.

To learn more about their extensive social responsibility efforts visit

Brown Vest by Threads for Thought

Blue Sweater by Threads for Thought

Basic V-Neck Tee's by Threads for Thought

Grey & Red Polo by Alternative Apparel

Friday, September 21, 2012

Mister. Elevating Style and Grooming.

MISTER. is an upscale old-world barber shop experience, that will feature some of the Bay Areas best Female Barbers. This event is tailored to today's progressive gentlemen, women, female bodied persons who are transgender, and those of us who identify as Masculine of Center. It will be a haven where you can sit back, relax and relish in the "World Class" art of grooming.

Who should attend?

-  Anyone who's had a less than desirable experience at the barbershop
-  Anyone who'd like to spruce up their wardrobe with a few choice accents
-  Anyone with a penchant for all things dapper and/or dandy, this includes suspenders + pocket squares
-  Anyone who'd like to reimagine their grooming

Your RSVP includes complimentary beverages + an assortment of lite bites.

At MISTER. Enjoy mind and body replenishment: live art, great food, tasty drinks and exclusive clothing brands.

MISTER. will also be offering personal style consultations that will adhere to each person's unique image and body type. Please let us know if you're interested in a consult.

Sound good to you? Join us Saturday September 22.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

You want PROOF

It is no secret that we are in love with PROOF sunglasses. Check out this video to learn more about the story behind this awesome brand.